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We offer a wide range of Alloy, Tool & Die Steel products from leading manufacturers across the country. We have a ready stock of many commonly used steel grades. As authorized dealers of Kalyani Carpenter and partners to several other Steel Manufacturers in the country, we have the ability to deliver material per your specification.
Grades –Equivalent Standards
We can also supply the below mentioned grades in different Shapes & Cut Lengths.
Type Grades
Plain Chrome Steel EN18, EN18C, EN18D, EN207, 34Cr4, 37Cr4, 40Cr4, SAE-5160, 42Cr, Cr-20, Cr-40 & Equivalent Grades
High Carbon Chrome (Ball Bearing Steel) EN31, SAE-52100, DIN 100Cr6
Chrome Manganese Steel 16Mn Cr5, 20MnCr5, 20MnCrl, 17MnCr95, 16Mn5Cr4 & Equivalent Grades
Chrome Nickel Steel 15CrNi6, EN36A/B & Equivalent Grades
Chrome Nickel Moly Steel EN351, EN352, EN323, EN354, EN355, SAE-8620, SAE-8622, SAE-8630, EN24, 17CrNiMo6, EN-36-C & Equivalent Grades
Chrome Moly Steel EN19, EN19A, EN19B, EN19C, 20CrMo4, 25CrMo4, EN 24, SAE-4130, SAE-4150, SAE-4140, SAE-4340, 25Cr3MnO55 & Equivalent Grades, Creep Resistant Steel for boiler application in grades like SA-182 F22 Class 3, SA-182 F11 class 2, ASTM A213 T91
Tool Steel & Die Steel SAE O1, SAE O2,D2, D3, H-11, H-13, H-21, Die Blocks 1.2714
Nitriding Steel EN 41B
Carbon Steel - Low Carbon CL-I, CL-II, C-14, C-15, C-20, C-22, EN2E, EN3A, EN3B, EN-5, EN-32B, ST-42, SAE1020, SAE1016, SAE1018
Carbon Steel - Medium Carbon CL-III, CL-IIIA, CL-IV, C-30, C-35, C-40, EN-8, EN8C, EN-8D, EN43B, SAE-1029, SAE-1030, SAE-1040, T-3, ST-50-11, ASTM-SA-105 & Equivalent Grades
Carbon Steel - High Carbon C-50, C-60, CF-53, EN-9, EN43B, EN43C & Equivalent Grades
Free Cutting Steel EN1A (Leaded & Plain)
Semi Free Cutting Steel EN8M, EN32M, SAE 1137, SAE 1140